Melbourne Parkour


Many Parkour birthdays are run throughout the year. These and other events can vary in scope, duration and cost.

We run birthday parties at a variety of locations. All locations are outdoor.

Parties can run from anywhere between 1 – 2 hours. 2 hour parties generally have a break mid way for cake and/or presents.

There is a 1:10 instructor student ratio. The more kids that come the more instructors you need.

Costs are $80 per instructor, per hour. There is an additional 10% admin fee after the other costs are calculated.

Birthday Quote
You can choose a single day or a range of days that are suitable.
e.g. 11AM or 3PM (you can select one time or a time period where it would be suitable)
2 hour classes allow a break after an hour for food and presents (food and presents not provided).
Choose one or all

The Southbank location is unavailable after 2.30pm due to classes in the area each week.