Melbourne Parkour


First Timers

Due to insurance reasons first timers class is a requirement for adults before attending our other classes.^^

If participating in kids class first timers is NOT required.

This class introduces you to some of the most important aspects of Parkour and training, and covers fundamental movements required in Parkour.

Kids are not required to attend first timers class, but are instead asked to go to kids classes. If for some reason they are unable to attend kids classes, they must attend first-timers.

It is only required that you attend first timers class once, but if you would like go through it multiple times that is fine.

When attending first timers you will need to fill out a waiver. You can download and print it from here, or fill one out at the class.

^^ An exception can be made to attending first timers if the student can show they are competent at the fundamental movements learnt during the class and signs a secondary waiver. If you cannot meet the required standard set by the assessing instructor then you must do first timers.

If you cannot make it to a class you can organise a personal training session to get your class done