Melbourne Parkour


Where can I learn Freerunning?

Some people who take up Parkour wish to start learning Freerunning or to move like the Yamakasi (L’Art du Deplacement). Or they just take a liking to other types of movement. MPK doesn’t teach flips and tricks, for one we are not qualified, and our insurance doesn’t cover it.

It is recommended that you search out a gymnastics or acrobatics club or school in your local area to learn the basics of acrobatics, this will help you start to develop the skill necessary for Freerunning

When learning movement arts like Freerunning and the L’Art du deplacement it is recommended you learn the spirit and principles of Parkour first or concurrently with acrobatic training, as the spirit and principles are the same no matter how you move, just the end result is different.