Melbourne Parkour

Instructor Induction

The 8-week Instructor Induction course has been designed to provide anyone interested with the opportunity to learn what is involved in becoming a Melbourne Parkour instructor, and to further their own practice, knowledge, and communication of the discipline. This course is also a requirement for anyone interested in teaching with Melbourne Parkour.

What to expect:
The instructor’s induction includes a series of physical and mental tests designed to challenge you. You will not be learning tricks or moves. Beyond the physical challenges, you will be undergoing theoretical training on what parkour is and what it is not. Additionally, we will cover other elements that prepare you for teaching others. You will be assessed on your attitude, and called upon to demonstrate that you either have, or are willing to develop, the spirit that is as much a part of parkour as the movement.

What not to expect:
If you are interested in learning new moves to get better at parkour, keep going to classes and train as much as you can outside them.

About you:
Induction is for those that are interested in challenging themselves and exploring the nature of parkour and movement. It is for people who believe in helping others through teaching and mentoring. You don’t have to be good at parkour to start the induction, you don’t have to be fit, but you need to be willing to bring the attitude that you can be one day and that you want to help others get to that point too.

About us:
We are looking to build a community of inspiring instructors who embody the spirit of parkour and want to contribute to sharing that with others.

Other details:
Starting in the first week of November, training will be every Sunday for 8 weeks along Southbank in the city.
Start time: 11am.
Duration: 3 hours.
Structure: first hour, discussion of theory; final two hours, physical and mental training and challenges. There will be written work to do during the week.

If you are interested in joining an upcoming Instructor Induction course, or if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please follow the link below to sign up! Further Details will be sent to you on the specific location and what to do to prepare once you have signed up.