Melbourne Parkour



“At my first class, I was surprised beyond words. Expecting to find a motley crew of teenagers, I was confronted with professional, supportive, knowledgeable and engaging instructors. They helped me believe in myself and do things I thought were beyond me. I was hooked.” – Student

There is a lot more to parkour than just ‘cool moves’. Doing these movements well and safely requires not only physical strength, but a mental toughness and willingness to push beyond your comfort zone. At Melbourne Parkour, our goal is not only to teach these technical movements but also the philosophies and attitudes behind why and how we train – to be useful and strong in all aspects of life, to train safely so we can train longer, and with respect to our urban and natural environments – keeping in mind that it’s important to have fun too!

Our workshops and classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. The non-competitive nature of parkour means you have the freedom to progress at your own pace, to find your best way of overcoming the obstacles in your path. No matter what your current fitness level, or how ‘physical’ you have been in the past, we can help you increase your physical and mental fitness simply by using your body and your environment in creative yet practical ways.

Melbourne Parkour has been around in one form or another since 2004. It’s members, along with Sydney and Canberra were instrumental in the creation of the Australian Parkour Association (APA), which is now the peak body for Parkour in Australia. Melbourne Parkour works in partnership with the APA, providing it with support and training to instructors from all over Australia. Melbourne Parkour is an incorporated association

Help others through the safe and positive practice of Parkour.

Provides services for the guidance, practice and development of Parkour.

Melbourne Parkour is committed to serving the interests of its members and Parkour, through:

  • Altruism, helping others through what we do.
  • Education, teaching ourselves and others through our practice.
  • Innovation in training and teaching methods.
  • New experiences to promote development and broaden knowledge.

Melbourne Parkour has successfully run various programs in schools, detention centres, youth organisations, corporate organisations, council and private groups. The following is a brief list of some previous clients:

  • Bluearth Foundation
  • Victorian Alpine
  • North West Secondary Schools Sports Association
  • Kensington Community College
  • Hampton Primary School
  • Newcomb (Geelong) Youth Centre
  • Geelong Youth Centre/Headspace Barwon
  • Sports Health Check
  • Craigieburn Youth Centre
  • Waverly Christian College
  • North Melbourne Primary
  • Jesuit Social Services
  • Leongatha Gymnastics Club
  • St Michael’s Grammar School
  • Luther College
  • Maribyrnong City Council
  • Parkville Youth Detention Centre
  • Malmsbury Youth Detention Centre